Frontier is an innovative acoustic system designed for targeted sound absorption for today’s ever-changing open-plan workspaces, retail, education, and hospitality applications. The Frontier system, formed by just three elements, allows designers to mix and match colors and styles, create countless configurations, and enjoy quick and stress-free installations.

Here’s what you’ll love

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Choose from 17 colours and nine styles, including Fins or Raft for a bold, dimensional statement.

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Create a more comfortable and personalised experience by tuning the acoustic effect. Configure Frontier to fit the space perfectly.

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Mount Frontier flush to the ceiling to ‘blend in’, fix them to rails or suspend them using extension rods.

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Made with highly-compressed polyester acoustic material which uses advanced fibre technology, instead of adhesives or other materials.

The System

Increase productivity on-site, saving installation time and material costs.

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Autex Frontier Extrusions 

Multiuse aluminum channels along with a series of components, act as a support for Acoustic Fins or Rafts and allow easy installation and adjustments on site.

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Autex Mounting Clips 

The exclusive Frontier connector clip ‘clicks’ in place to enable Fins or Rafts to be attached directly to the ceiling channel, leaving no exposed fasteners or adhesives.

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Choose Acoustic Fin or Raft Styles

Enjoy the freedom to create new and interesting ceiling and wall features with Fins or Rafts.

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Arrangement Versatility

Arrange and space out Fins or Rafts in countless configurations. Install in standard or custom sequences, or bring your vision to life working side-by-side with Autex in-house acoustic design experts and account managers.

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Easy assembly

Frontier goes together quickly and efficiently, saving time on site. Dismantle or remove the system from its setting and reassemble or reposition just as easily and quickly.

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Even easier to disassemble

Frontier uses no adhesives. Each component can be removed quickly and dismantled at the end of life, minimizing negative impacts on the environment at the time of disposal.

Frontier Acoustic Raft

Raft brings an innovative, bold new dimension to our Frontier range. Available in four unique designs, Raft is scored, folded and ‘zipped’ together using a locking channel. Arrange and space Raft in countless configurations, without loss of acoustic performance.

Features and Benefits
Select standard packs or customize the system to match the scale of the space.

  • Delivers a solid appearance, yet, due to its scored and layered construction, each style is hollow and lightweight.
  • Made from highly-absorbent, compressed material, Rafts hold their shape. They won’t bend or warp after installation.
  • Create long and linear ceiling features with quick, secure joins.
  • Remove the weight and tasks related to finishing elements that would occur with solid wood or steel beams.
  • Adjust on-site, allowing for targeted sound absorption and personalization of the space.
  • Disassemble quickly and remove at the end of life

Frontier Acoustic Fins

Frontier Acoustic Fins create design freedom and flexibility using simple but stylish arrangements. Fins are available in five standard designs in 12mm and 24mm thicknesses. Customise to create engaging and unique patterns and sequences of your own.

Features and Benefits
Select standard packs or customise the system to match the scale of the space.

  • Delivers excellent acoustic performance.
  • Can be subtle or a feature design for small or large spaces.
  • Low VOC – beneficial for IEQ.
  • Cleanable and easily demountable.
  • Includes high recycled content and designed for disassembly.
  • Highly durable so you’re assured of long-term stability and performance.

Frontier Color & Style Selector

Frontier™ Documents


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    PDF / 4.4MB


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    Frontier™Care & Maintenance Guide

    PDF / 70KB


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    Frontier™Install Instructions

    PDF / 2.8MB

Warranties and Guarantees

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    Frontier™Raft Manufacturers Guarantee

    PDF / 40KB

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    Frontier™Fins Manufacturers Guarantee

    PDF / 40KB

Specification | DWG Files

  • Specification

    Frontier™ Fins | AxisDirect Fix

    DWG / 4.2MB

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    Frontier™ Fins | DuneDirect Fix

    DWG / 3.9MB

  • Specification

    Frontier™ Fins | SierraDirect Fix

    DWG / 3.8MB

  • Specification

    Frontier™ Fins | TalusDirect Fix

    DWG / 3.9MB

  • Specification

    Frontier™ Fins | Tundra 100Direct Fix

    DWG / 12MB

  • Specification

    Frontier™ Fins | Tundra 150Direct Fix

    DWG / 7.7MB

  • Specification

    Frontier™ Fins | Tundra 200Direct Fix

    DWG / 5.8MB

  • Specification

    Frontier™ Fins | Tundra 300Direct Fix

    DWG / 3.9MB

  • Specification

    Frontier™ Raft | Beam100Direct Fix

    DWG / 8.1MB

  • Specification

    Frontier™ Raft | Beam250Direct Fix

    DWG / 4MB

  • Specification

    Frontier™ Raft | TrapezoidDirect Fix

    DWG / 4.1MB

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    Frontier™ Raft | BladeDirect Fix

    DWG / 4.1MB