An Easy Way to Make Your Office and Brand Standout.

A lot of companies and A&D firms really miss out on making an IMPACT on a company’s brand and culture utilizing wayfinding and signage. Folks spend time on finishes and colors but don’t realize that you can make more of an impact with simple signage. We try to save a small budget in every one of our projects for wayfinding and signage for a comany’s culture and brand.

Here is a simple way to add more bang for your buck….

Takeform Moxie Panels


Your brand has innate qualities. Now you have a fresh way to express them. From extending your carefully crafted image to conveying a sense of corporate culture, Ethos’ choice of inspiring dimensional letter and logo materials adds distinction and consistency to your efforts.


Expand your vocabulary.

Takeform Ethos

Choice in dimensional letters may take some getting used to, but not much longer than the styles, colors, materials and typefaces within the Ethos palette. Think of it as expanding your vocabulary.


From timeless to trendy.

Takeform Vivid

Ethos offers a wide range of materials and finishes for dimensional letters and logos to help you achieve a look and feel that reflects the tone of your space — from classic to contemporary.

Inspired Elements.

Takeform Moxie

From the sleek sheen of stainless steel to the natural beauty of 3-form acrylics, you’ll find your voice in the expanded possibilities that Ethos Letters and Logos affords.


Take a quick minute and reach out to us. We are happy to help you with any project. Even if signage is not in your scope of work, refer us. We will help keep the signage within your clients brand message and the interiors finishes you have selected.

Need a little inspiration? Click here for some of our examples.