Branding the workplace: how to unite employees under your mission

Guest post By: Lillian Veley,

Would you bring a friend to the office? Do you bring clients to the office or prefer to do business at a restaurant/café, where you find it more convenient? What message do these scenarios send?

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The office was formerly just a functional location to get work done, but workplace expression is becoming critically important in communicating messages about a company’s culture and brand. To clients and employees. If your organization has a standard, corporate, “pleasant-but-bland” office environment, then who’s to say your company itself is going to be any different?

Branding sets you apart

In a survey of 3,000 workers, Gallup found that only 41% of employees felt they knew what their company stood for and how it differed from the competition.

It becomes even harder to differentiate yourself when you consider technology’s impact on comparison shopping. Not only are customers evaluating your products and services online but employees can click to compare your salary package, management style and break room to those that are “best in class.”

Whatever makes your brand stand out in the marketplace should be seen and felt in the workplace, too. You don’t have to plaster your logo on the walls, but a great workplace should feel like the company it’s home to and be aligned with its values. If not, you’re losing your best first impression: the one you make internally.

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Branding boosts engagement

Leadership is most responsible for fostering a sense of connection at work, but your physical space can go a long way in setting the tone.

A branded workplace presents a strong identity and shows the importance of employee experience. It connects employees to their purpose by reminding them of the organization’s values and their role in that journey.


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When employees feel valued, they do their best work, especially when they support company goals. Branding and consistent messaging are what get them there. When you present the same message internally as you do externally, you boost employee buy-in because your message is authentic.

Employees are more engaged with the brand and their work that supports it. That shared mission— not specific policies—creates a resilient, high-performance organization.

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