Learn to turn any vacancy into a move-in ready flexible office space, turnkey in 2-8 weeks. (10-day/ 30 Day/ 90 day move-in available)

With the current market challenges, the time is now to help your clients and building owners.

Provide an amazing personalized office on flexible terms. Interior Avenue simplifies the design and fit-out of customized workspaces, so you can close deals faster and move tenants in sooner.


  1. Tenants work with Interior Avenue to create a Project Roadmap and design their ideal workspace.
  2. Then we coordinate the fit-out of the space. The process is simple for tenants and hands-off for you.
  3. A week later we have a Project Roadmap in hand with Space Planning, Specs, 3D renderings, and Budget for the tenant.

The Project Roadmap is a REVENUE CENTER for you and the building owner.


How can a Project Roadmap make the process easy for your future tenant while creating additional revenue for you?


Tenants can choose from over 20 furniture settings and re-configure as necessary to support their team’s culture and work styles.

  • Personalized spaces that support both collaboration and focused work
  • Modular settings that scale easily
  • High-performing products and materials
  • Rapid delivery and seamless execution

Whether a 10-day or a 90-day move-in, we can make your space move-in ready from carpet to lighting to acoustics to furnishings, all tailored to your prospective client’s brand and culture.

Schedule a time with our team to see how we can help you fill that empty office space and make you the HERO to your client.

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(A 10,000 Sq Ft office space can generate an additional $20,000+)