Healthcare Furniture

Healthcare: A Shared Dedication On a mission.

From administering care to welcoming new babies to helping patients live fuller, healthier lives, healthcare delivery in all its forms is a remarkable mission. Every day, healthcare workers provide medical care and promote health and wellness while addressing the other realities of healthcare—the demands of changing demographics, increased consumer expectations, heightened environmental concerns and emergent technology.

In response, healthcare construction needs are rapidly evolving. The facilities of yesterday look nothing like the facilities of today, which surely will look nothing like the facilities of tomorrow. Equally urgent is the current nursing shortage, one that is expected to worsen. It’s a challenge made greater considering more staff will be needed to care for a growing and aging population.

It requires partnership and leadership.

KI is already there. Ahead of the curve. At your side.

With genuine understanding and a commitment to innovation, KI provides insightful solutions to help healthcare facilities operate more
efficiently and effectively today—and well into the future.

Our distinctive furniture and wall systems combine for a beautiful aesthetic. Moreover, they offer optimum comfort and privacy to
patients, as well as support to families as they become part of the caregiving process. It’s furniture that is comfortable rather than clinical, yet offers the practicality, durability, and functionality appreciated by staff and administration.

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From infection control to bariatric design to color and healing, these research-based white papers provide valuable insights on significant trends in the healthcare industry.

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The furniture and fabrics listed within this document comply with the criteria outlined in the Healthier Hospitals Healthy Interiors challenge according to KI and Pallas Textiles.

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