Innovative Office Furniture Subscription Rental

Phoenix, AZ: Interior Avenue, a pioneering new company in the Phoenix commercial real estate (CRE) market, announces its groundbreaking office furniture subscription rental service. This unique concept allows businesses to conserve cash flow while leasing office spaces by eliminating the need for large capital investments in office furniture.

Cost-Efficient and Flexible Office Furniture Solutions

Interior Avenue’s service aligns with the duration of a company’s office lease. For instance, a business leasing a 3,000 sq ft office for 36 months at $6,250 per month no longer needs to purchase $45,000 worth of office furniture upfront. Instead, they can opt for a manageable monthly subscription rental of $1,500 over the same period. This approach frees up significant capital, enabling businesses to invest in critical areas like hiring, marketing, or other strategic investments.

What’s Included?

The monthly rental includes brand-new office furniture, tailored to reflect the company’s brand and culture. Interior Avenue takes care of everything – from space planning and rendering to delivery and installation. At the end of the lease, Interior Avenue conveniently removes the furniture at no extra cost, allowing the business to move hassle-free to a new location.

Continuous Refresh and Tax Benefits

This innovative model enables companies to continually refresh their office spaces, which is vital for attracting and retaining top talent. Additionally, the subscription rental is 100% tax deductible, providing further financial incentives.

A Word from the Founder

Jason Bowman, founder of Interior Avenue, highlights the significance of this service in today’s tightening credit market, emphasizing the importance of cash flow in business. “Our subscription rental aligns with the principle of extending costs over time, mirroring the office space lease. It’s a valuable tool for CRE brokers and landlords, offering a true turn-key solution and a major perk when leasing space,” says Bowman.


Interior Avenue’s service offers fast, affordable, and innovative office furniture solutions, perfectly synchronized with office lease terms. It’s not just an office furniture rental; it’s a strategic business tool designed to enhance operational efficiency, recruit & retain talent, and financial flexibility.

Contact Information: Megan Bowman, VP Communications,

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