It is not about us, it is all about you.

The commercial furniture process is broken and takes too long.
We make the process fun & easy for you and help you concentrate on what is important… your business.
So we started Interior Avenue, Your Project Roadmap. We make the hard, easy and the process fun…

Our Vision

Why we do what we do…
-We are your Project Roadmap… we make the hard, easy.
-We are changing today’s classrooms at both the K-12 and university level.
-We help small and medium sized businesses create inspiring spaces at an affordable price.
-We are creating inviting healthcare spaces that help heal.

Our Values

-We have the heart of a teacher.
-We have a foundation of FAITH.
-We are guided by our honesty and integrity.
-We have a passion for what we do.
-We challenge the status quo.
-We are driven by customer success.
-We work as a team with our clients and colleagues.
-We go the extra mile.

Our Mission

-With the heart of a teacher, we show companies how to create affordable inspiring spaces.
-We help create spaces that everyone wants to be in
-We help teachers and students achieve their goals.
-We want to be the market leader in providing quality educational furnishings.
-We make the design process simple and fun.
-We make the specification and FF&E process easier.

Our Team

Our sales team will direct your project and help create your vision.
This is why we call our team “Sales Directors”
We help and give you a Project Roadmap to make the hard, easy.