Choice 5H Cabinet w/Lock & 4 Shelves, Width 39.3″



  • Wide range of different cabinets
  • Ability to fix one cabinet onto another
  • 6 different heights
  • Different materials combination
  • Wide range of additional parts for individual storage combination


Your freedom of choice! This modular storage system will help you create a well-organized and modern work environment. We offer a wide range of storage solutions and functionality thus you will be able to select or create customized cabinets best suited for your office space.
Endless combinations. You can easily combine different cabinets and create your own unique design. A good idea is to combine different types of textures: tapestry, melamine, and natural veneer.
Wide array of cabinets. We offer a selection of cabinets available in different types and in as many as 6 different heights. Enjoy complete freedom to choose the one that suits you best
Different cabinet doors perform different functions and at the same time, they can serve as a playful design element. You can use acoustic doors along with other acoustic solutions (panels, partitions) to create a better acoustic comfort in your office. Cabinets with sliding doors are ideal for those who want to use their office space efficiently. If you need a variety of options for storing documents and office supplies, cabinets with hinged doors will be your best choice. Bookcases will help you create a homely and relaxed atmosphere.
7 different base types. Metal base or metal legs will be perfect for those who want to create a minimalist office style. Legs made of natural ashwood will bring you closer to nature in a very subtle manner. Castors will make it easy to rearrange office furniture.
Practical approach. Create your own customized cabinet using additional accessories. One of the greatest advantages of CHOICE storage units is that they offer a convenient and practical internal layout.

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