Motion Customizable Sit-Stand Office 2-Desk Bench with Panel Legs



  • Easy desk control
  • Individually adjustable height
  • Height adjustment via Bluetooth remote control application
  • Smart cable management solutions


MOTION makes you move forward! An electric height adjustable desking system designed for a dynamic working style. A regular change of posture improves your well-being and concentration, whereas an ergonomic and well-organized workspace evokes positive emotions. The system is available as single desks or bench desks designed for a flexible arrangement of workstations as well as for individual or group work.
Easy adjustment. You can adjust the height of the desk with a touch of a button or via Bluetooth remote control from your smartphone. Choose a personalized height for your most comfortable working position, and save your height preferences. By using LINAK app you can also get a reminder to alternate between sitting and standing positions.
Four types of buttons. We offer a variety of different buttons, from the basic version with the Up / Down function to the ones with a memory position, integrated Bluetooth, and LED light reminder fostering to be more active at your workplace.
PIEZO anti-collision technology. A work desk is often surrounded by other objects. While an adjustable height desk is in motion, it could accidentally collide with a cabinet if you lower it all the way down. To prevent this, the 3-level column sensor will automatically stop the desk’s movement if it senses an obstacle in its path. Hardware-based PIEZO anti-collision solution limits material damages in case the desk collides with a solid object (for more information: video, brochure).
Panel legs. A desk with panel legs is ideal for those who prefer more privacy. These legs visually cover up the space under the desk and add an aesthetic look to it.
Acoustics and concentration. Modern offices are predominantly open-plan which makes it increasingly difficult to protect employees from the negative factors that affect their emotional well-being. fixed-height acoustic desk screen MODUS designed for bench desks will ensure acoustic comfort and help your employees maintain concentration. Furthermore, the double-sided acoustic desk screens allow you to create colorful combinations.


Desk w/3 column leg type
W60.8″ x D66.1″ x H25.5″-51.1″

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