Silent Room S Phone Booth Acoustic Pod


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Open plan offices mean more space, more light, more freedom, and… more noise in the work environment. Every day, employees face increasing challenges in finding a quiet place to hold meetings, have phone conversations or simply focus on individual work. “A room within a room” is a simple way to keep noise distractions at bay and boost employee productivity.

SILENT ROOM is the oasis of silence in a middle of a modern office. Thanks to this office solution, concentrating at work has never been easier as it enables employees to focus during phone conversations, video conferences or creative tasks without distracting others. SILENT ROOM ensures indoor air quality as well as acoustic and visual comfort for employees.

• Enhanced ergonomic and comfort
• Advanced lighting and ventilation
• Good Sound absorption and insulation
• Design and wide customization possibilities

Internal acoustic walls (5 panels upholstered
with fabric) (2)
• Frame made of metal tube 40×20 mm;
• Powder coated metal;
• Made of 12 mm MFC;
• Acoustic foam (40 mm);
• Upholstered with fabric.

Ceiling (with air supply system and LED light) (6)
• Double layered ceilings made of 12 mm top and 16 mm bottom
MFC panels with 1 mm ABS edging;
• Frame made of metal tube 50×20 mm;
• PIR sensor mounted in to central ceiling segment;
• Fan grills made of metal sheet (1 mm);
• Powder coated metal;
• Air supply duct inside glued with acoustic foam;
• Cable grommet Ø60 mm for optional power supply from ceiling.
Lighting (6)
• 3xLED modules (8,92W) colour temperature approx. 3000 K,
• 3xLED housing (asymmetrical) made of aluminium;
• LED module replacement can only be purchased from
Ventilation (6)
• 2x air supply fans located in the ceilings;
• 2x air exhaust slots located in central segment of the ceilings
for natural ventilation;
• Maximum airflow approx. 200 m³/h.
Doors (L/R) (7)
• Metal door frame made of 40×40 mm tube and 40×8 mm steel
• Powder coated metal;
• Bottom of door frame covered with stainless steel profile;
• Aluminium profiles with PVC sealing fixed to internal sides and
top of door frame;
• Top of the metal frame covered with 16 mm MFC with 1 mm
ABS edging;
• 8 mm TSG (tempered safety glass), clear;
• Clear width of a door opening – 1004 mm.
Control box (8)
• Input (GST18i3 male): 100-240 V;
• Output (GST18i3 female): 100-240 V;
• Frequency: 50/60 Hz;
• Power cable: EU, UK, FR, CH, US – GST18i3 female, 3 m;
• Power output cable length: 0,5 m – GST18i3 male – GST18i3
• Power consumption – max. 229W, standby 4,5W.


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