TWIST&SIT Armchair, Solid Wood Base

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  • Armchair
  • Steel framework.
  • Entirely moulded in cold-cure polyurethane.
  • Base: powder-coated wire steel frame on glides.


Iconic design. TWIST&SIT lounge furniture stands out for its minimalist and clean refined lines as well as strong visual identity created by the Danish design duo Christina Strand and Niels Hvass. It has been created with the utmost attention to every detail. A characteristic feature of the TWIST&SIT furniture design is a special way that it creates the shape of a smile. It derives from a distinctive connection between the top and bottom parts of the chair.

Beauty of contrast. You can select different colour combinations for the upholstered part of the chair. Contrasting colours will bring a sense of exclusivity to your TWIST&SIT furniture. It also comes in a variety of different base options so there is no need to compromise on style. When choosing the right one, consider your functional needs as well as the fabric or design to accommodate your preferences. Metal bases have a more modern look and are more practical, whereas wooden ones give the office a more homely feel and at the same time add more elegance to the room. Both base options are available in both dark and light colours to further add to the beauty of contrast.

Comfortable sitting position TWIST&SIT lounge chair is more than just an elegant silhouette. Rounded edges and smooth transitions between the backrest and the armrests offer a comfortable seating position even if the work meeting lasts longer than expected.

Fits well everywhere Our wide choice of TWIST&SIT Lounge chairs will accommodate the needs of a broad array of office settings. The soft seating family includes visitor and conference chairs, lounge seating with high or low backrests as well as high chairs. TWIST&SIT lounge furniture is very versatile and suits not only usual office spaces but also special executive spaces. It will add a special touch to both formal and informal meeting spaces, relaxation spots or creative areas. Mix and match different TWIST&SIT models to create a desirable visual impact whether you want to convey a vibrant, edgy or playful feel or a subtle and calm one.

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