Quiet earth Moss

Sound Design requires two eyes and two ears.

We design environments acoustically to enhance commercial and cultural life and to minimize the unwanted effects of noise and vibration.

Let Biophilic Design Transform Your Next Office Space Project

As workers return to the office, Architects and Interior Designers turn to office design solutions inspired by Nature, using natural materials, green walls, and plants to increase human connectivity with the natural world. Creating a naturally healthy environment, offices can provide a stronger sense of security and peace of mind.

Quiet Earth Moss is an organically preserved natural moss product that brings custom green spaces indoors. Through Biophilic Design principles, Quiet Earth Moss brings Mother Nature’s comforting embrace into your workspace.

Proven Healthier Workplace Environments

Quiet Earth helps reconnect staff members to the tranquility of nature. Constructed with ezoBord, a leading acoustic backing material, Quiet Earth Moss is proven to attenuate noise, reducing stress within the workplace and enabling concentration.

No Weekly Maintenance

Quiet Earth Preserved Moss Walls require no watering or natural light, maintaining their beautiful natural textures for many years.

All Natural & Eco-Friendly

Quiet Earth Preserved Moss Walls are made with 100% natural moss and preserved with sustainable, environmentally friendly natural oils and food dye

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