Why use Interior Avenue, Your Project Roadmap?

What do we do?

How does one go about creating a great office space?

The current system is broken. Although the yellow pages are history, GOOGLE makes the process more confusing. With the Yellow Pages, you have about 40-50 office furniture dealers to choose from.

Try googling “office furniture Phoenix, AZ” and you will get over 3.13 million results.


So, you must either choose companies that pay the most for a top spot or a company that is great at SEO…

Both do you no good.

We make it simple… come visit us at the Visionary Center in Tempe for only one hour.


In that one hour we listen to you, your vision, your culture, your ideas, and goals. Then we show you a few solutions and ideas, get feedback and send you on your way all within 60 minutes.


During your second and final hour visit to the Visionary Center, we pull together all your ideas, your culture, your vision, and goals.

We present a full space plan and layout of your space.

We show you 3D renderings of your space and then we take you on a virtual reality tour of your space. Sit back, relax, and experience your future space.

After your experience, we provide you with specifications, 3D renderings, layouts, and a budget.

Speaking of budgets, we can also send your project out to bid with 3-5 dealers, saving you time and securing you the best possible price.

By investing only 2 hours of your time with us, we have discovered that we save our clients 22 hours of research and meetings.

Working with an architect or design firm? We can still help, we have worked with many firms.

We cover every detail…

Wayfinding, signage, branding, and moving people.

Acoustics play a very important part in any open space, we got you covered…

AUTEX Frontier Ceiling System

We will not cut corners, we will give you everything you need and within your budget.

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The Interior Avenue Visionary Center is located at 2343 W. University Drive, Suite 103, Tempe, AZ 85281. Schedule a time to come in and see what we can do for your space. Contact us at (602) 361-5186