Your Company Is Not Perfect, And That’s Okay

Guest post by Jacob Morgan

Today’s Future in Five comes to you from Orlando, where I delivered a keynote on the Future of Work and creating employee experiences to a group of around 1,000 business professionals. Let’s pretend that every one of the seats at this keynote venue represents one employee in the same company. Each one of these 1,000 people will have different interests, priorities, and ideas. How can an organization create great employee experiences that will speak to each employee?


Starbucks has a community called My Starbucks Idea. Customers from all over the world can submit ideas and vote for things that they want to see. They can be ideas for products, getting involved with the community, services, or really anything related to Starbucks. Starbucks takes the most popular ideas and implements them. They also are very transparent with these ideas in the implementation process. Customers are able to see if the idea will come to fruition, or even if an idea doesn’t work and why.

AMQ Kinex Series

What if we took this same process to employees? Acknowledge that the organization isn’t perfect, and instead, take the ideas that employees have, and focus on the ones that they care about the most while being forthcoming on where ideas are in the implementation process. This will give organizations ideas to better their companies and it will also let employees know they are being listened to, and that they matter. Applying the Starbucks model for the customer process, to the employee experience will yield amazing results.

Your company isn’t perfect and that’s okay!

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