Can An Office Cubicle Have A Door?

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Cubicles can have doors, and at Arnold’s Office Furniture, we have several private office options available. Instead of having a doorless workstation with no privacy, your team can have comfortable and secure office spaces that reduce distractions and encourage productivity.

Office Cubicle Door Types

Cubicles can have two types of doors:

  • Standard doors: Also called hinged doors, these cubicle doors look like regular office doors with a knob or handle. The standard door connects to the cubicle wall and closes into the doorjamb. Some styles have locks for extra security.
  • Sliding doors: Sliding doors on a cubicle move from side to side instead of outward like a standard door. These doors cover the workstation’s opening to allow or deny entry. Sliding doors often do not have locking capabilities.


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Benefits Of A Cubicle Office Door

You can put doors on cubicles to give your team a distraction-free working environment. The advantages of cubicles with doors include:

  • Better sound insulation: Ringing phones, meetings with clients and conversations between co-workers all produce noise. In a doorless cubicle, the sound can travel throughout the workplace and create a distraction. A cubicle door keeps these sounds in the office.
  • Enhanced privacy: Some work conversations include confidential information. Cubicles with doors keep this sensitive information in the office.
  • Reduced interruptions: Cubicles with doors reduce the likelihood of co-workers, managers and other office personnel stopping by desks for a chat. Fewer conversations mean your team can focus on their work.

Office Cubicles With Doors At Arnold’s Office Furniture

Arnold’s Office Furniture has several cubicle options with doors for private office layouts. Our cubicles with doors offer security and privacy for independent work and confidential calls and meetings.

Our Sunline cubicles with sliding doors feature fabric-covered walls for privacy and a frosted glass door for entering and exiting the cubicle. We also have a cubicle with a standard door for an enclosed office space.

If your office needs a private yet luxurious meeting space, our Clover High Glass Wall 800 Series uses glass walls to let in natural light while keeping office noise out.