Our Top 10 Office Cubicles For 2023

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Office cubicle and workspace designs have been evolving for years, especially as the COVID-19 pandemic has forced many people to find safe, new ways to work. Office cubicles effectively create barriers to ensure employee health and safety and ensure your office space complies with social distancing regulations.

Though cubicles have been around since the 1960s, their designs are now more employee-friendly than ever. If you’re looking to redesign your office space in 2022, you have a wide range of options, though not all cubicles are equal.

Learn what to look for when choosing the best office cubicle, and find out which ranked in our top 10 best cubicles for this year.

What Factors Make A Cubicle The Best In 2022?

When making a purchase as significant as space for your team, it’s crucial to know what sets the top-notch apart from the mediocre. With so many cubicle options available, finding the ideal fit for your office space can be challenging. Consider some qualities the top office cubicles share.


Your budget is among the most critical factors to consider when purchasing cubicles for your office. You must compare the features and prices of your options to determine where you’ll be getting the best product for your money. Cubicle prices range considerably, so take time to figure out what you can afford. The best cubicles for your office space will be within your budget.

Many COOs and office managers purchase cubicles in bulk, so it’s worth your time and money to find out if a company offers a price break at some point. You may qualify for a discount if you buy a specific number of cubicles or spend a given amount.


When you’re comparing office cubicles, quality plays a role in two ways. The cubicle materials should be sturdy, durable and attractive, and the company you purchase from should be a reliable, trustworthy seller.

Cubicle materials include cloth, wood, plastic, glass and stainless steel. While your choice will depend mostly on your employees’ needs, it’s also critical to ensure you’re getting office furniture that will last. After all, these workspaces are an investment, so they should provide the most bang for your buck.

The other aspect of quality to consider involves the seller. The best cubicles can become significantly better when the company selling them is knowledgeable and has a customer-first attitude. Because your cubicle options are so wide-ranging, working with a high-quality company will ensure you get what you need without jumping through hoops.


Adaptability is another factor that sets the top cubicles apart from the pack. In the past, cubicles were clunky, with limited flexibility. Today, cubicles come in various styles and have a range of features that allow office workers to arrange them in configurations that work best for their space and needs. Versatility also enables you to change your cubicle setup as your company grows. The best cubicles in 2022 offer many more options than in years past.

COVID-19 Safety

As employees return to in-person work, they must have the best cubicles for COVID safety. Since their introduction in the 1960s, cubicles have aimed to separate workspaces and create a sense of privacy within an office. Cubicles with high walls provide the illusion of having a private office. During COVID-19, these high-walled cubicles are the best options for creating workspaces that comply with social distancing rules.

Most office workers can use barriers to block a person’s breathing zone when around other employees or customers. In retail settings, Plexiglas is a common barrier used to separate the cashier and the customer. Barriers like this may not be as practical in an open-concept office space. Instead of using Plexiglas, a tall-walled cubicle can serve as a barrier between co-workers, giving employees a sense of privacy and workplace safety.


Cubicles should be a long-term investment, not one you make seasonally or annually. The best cubicles have longevity. With flexible configuration options and high-quality materials, you can expect to get a product that will hold up under everyday use. The best workstations in 2022 are adaptable for teams that need to modify their layouts to accommodate a growing staff. Outstanding cubicles will last and change to fit your company’s shifting needs.
The best office cubicles of 2022 will have ample space options. A one-size-fits-all approach to cubicles is ineffective, since every office has different needs. To rank among the top cubicles in 2022, an office manager should be able to use the same components to assemble a small or generously sized workstation. To be more specific, the best cubicles should offer customizable space options that recognize some jobs require extra room and others are more compact.
While colors may not seem like an essential factor when considering cubicles, the office color scheme can play a critical role in your employees’ productivity and mood. Outstanding cubicles will offer color options to appeal to your employees and match your branding. For example, you may choose green cubicles because green promotes a positive work environment, or you may want blue cubicles because your logo is blue. Having these options allows you to customize your workspace while maintaining continuity.
Another aspect of the best cubicles is the ability to customize them. Consider allowing team members to choose different cubicle accessories for maximum comfort and functionality. When considering cubicle options, determine whether you can add shelves, storage, electrical outlets, lighting, internet connection, coat hooks and more. Cubicle accessories are crucial. Without them, workstations would only consist of a desk.
Best Cubicles For A Post-COVID Workplace
Finding workspaces to promote a safe return for all your employees is a vital task, and we’re here to make it easier for you. We’ll highlight our best cubicles for post-COVID workspaces with options for various office needs. Our top cubicle brands of 2022 include Sunline and Clover because they feature many desirable aspects. These are top office cubicle brands because they are customizable, attractive and reliable. Explore the best cubicle options for 2022 below.
1. Sunline 4’X2′ — 65″ High Sliding Cubicle
The Sunline 4’x2′ cubicle is an excellent option for offices with limited space or for job responsibilities requiring less space. Choose from a range of colors, and glass or fabric paneling that comes equipped with a soundproofing honeycomb to reduce distracting noise. With three height options, this cubicle is readily adjustable, though the 65″ walls allow for more privacy and health safety. This high-walled cubicle can reduce the risk of COVID-19 exposure among employees, while glass panels still allow for safe and easy collaboration.
2. Sunline 5’X5′ — 65″ High Sliding Cubicle
If you’re looking for a bit more desk room, consider the Sunline 5’x5′ 65″ high cubicle. This size cubicle offers a bit more wall coverage than the 4’x2′ cubicle, giving you and your employees the option to customize the paneling. Move the glass panels from around the top of the cubicle and arrange them throughout the sides to create windows for collaboration and visibility. With extra wall space, you have the option to add accessories like cabinets, shelves, a sit-stand desk and more to encourage optimal productivity among employees.
3. Sunline 6’X6′ — 65″ Drop Down To 53″ Cubicle
Sunline’s drop-down cubicles are perfect for employees looking for privacy and safety while still cooperating with their colleagues. The 6’x6′ drop-down cubicle features a 65″ wall that can lower to 53″, providing the perfect height combination for social distancing and collaboration. This cubicle’s style will offer a unique look for your office that differs from standard workspaces. Customize the fabric panels’ color and the work surface’s material for versatile, functional office cubicles.


4. Sunline 6’X6′ — 65″ High Cubicle With Sliding Door

Renovating your office to include individual offices for all employees is expensive, time-consuming and a bit unrealistic, depending on the size of your staff. The Sunline 6’x6′ 65″ high cubicle comes in a few styles, one of which includes a sliding door. The frosted sliding door allows your employees to choose when they’re available for collaboration and gives them an additional barrier against potential COVID-19 exposure. Paired with the soundproofing walls, this cubicle option provides employees with a limited-distraction space to complete their work.

5. Sunline 5′ Wide — 53″ High Boomerang Cubicle

The Sunline boomerang cubicle offers a distinctive workspace to bring collaboration and COVID safety to your office. There are numerous ways to customize the colors, panels and accessories to make it part of your office. The boomerang cubicle is easy to assemble and one of the most flexible Sunline options. The configurations are endless, making it easy to add to. The 53″ high walls provide barriers between employees, yet make it easy to communicate when necessary.

6. Clover Call Center 4’X3′ — 65″ High

Clover’s 4’x3′ call center cubicle is the perfect size for sales representatives who make calls and answer phones most of the day or other similar jobs that require less desk space. Unlike other call center cubicles, Clover’s features glass panels at the top for visibility. We like this cubicle for returning to work amid COVID-19 concerns because its high walls extend past the work surface’s edge. This aspect provides a barrier between colleagues sitting in the next cubicle over.

7. Clover Call Center 5’X3′ — 65″ High

If you’re looking for something with a slightly more generous workspace, consider the Clover 5’x3′ call center. This size call center cubicle features an L-shaped work surface that allows employees to sit farther back, extending the high wall as a barrier between them and their neighbors. This cubicle’s extra space makes it an excellent fit for phone calls, paperwork and additional accessories.

8. Clover 5’X5′ — 65″ High Cubicle

The 5’x5′ Clover cubicles with 65″ high walls are an ideal option for office managers who want to provide their employees with adequate working space and the comfort of working in a private area. Customize this cubicle’s L-shaped work surface with one of several materials to create a warm and productive work environment. Adding accessories like file cabinets and shelves is easy and allows for further customization. Clover cubicles are flexible and can fit into any office space.

9. Clover 8’X6′ — 65″ High Cubicle

Your employees will find that working in an 8’x6′ Clover cubicle feels much like working in a private office. This cubicle’s high-paneled walls extend on either side of the entrance space to create a more enclosed work area. Glass panels around the top of the cubicle allow for visibility and add aesthetic to your office space. The spacious design leaves room for cubicle accessories and an extended work surface.

10. Clover High-Wall Glass Office 500 Series

If you’re looking for a modern and elegant alternative to typical cubicles, consider installing Clover floor-to-ceiling glass workspaces. Glass cubicles offer a different take on the classic cubicle and have many advantages. Glass cubicles have better sound insulation, giving employees a better place to concentrate on work. They also create a personal workspace without making employees feel trapped in a dark room. If you’re looking for a way to incorporate new workspaces while maintaining a sleek appearance, glass cubicles are an effective option.

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