What Are The Different Parts Of A Cubicle Called?

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If you’re setting up a cubicle for the first time, you may have some questions about cubicle parts and components. What are the components of a cubicle, and how can they meet different needs throughout the workday? Arnold’s Office Furniture created a quick guide to cover everything you need to know about cubicle parts terminology.

1. Cubicle Panels

The cubicle panels function as the walls, creating a comfortable, private space for an individual worker. You can combine multiple panel heights to fit operational needs or add aesthetic interest to the cubicle.

2. Shelves

Most cubicle installations include overhead shelves for books, binders and other materials. Usually located above the desk, these convenient shelves can help employees handle their paperwork and stock up on supplies. This way, any books or materials that the employee might need easy access to are within reach.

Users may also include flipper doors to convert shelves into lockable units and hide clutter.

3. Work Surfaces

Depending on the worker’s needs, the cubicle will include a roughly 24-inch deep work surface for daily tasks. The cubicle may have a rectangular desk layout or a corner surface to hold supplies and a computer monitor.


4. Personal File Cabinets
Cubicles usually include filing cabinets underneath the work surface for storing personal belongings, records and work supplies. Various drawer sizes can hold everything from pens and pencils to folders and boxes.
5. Lateral Files
If an occupant requires larger storage capacity and has a larger cubicle, the file drawers can hold bigger packages and supplies. Typically, these files are only included if necessary for the job, as they may take up valuable leg space under the desk.
6. Tack Boards
To help keep track of projects, scheduling requirements and other notable items, workers may use tack boards on top of the work surface. Each cubicle usually has two tack boards, one on either side of the work surface, to support work notes and messages throughout the day.
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