Office furniture subscriptions the new way to get office furniture for your office

How does an office furniture subscription work?

One of our dealers, EZ Spaces has created a new type of service to help small and medium-sized businesses create a great space at a small price.

How does the EZ Spaces subscription service work?

1. Choose your office furniture

Choose from 200+ items (including decor) curated for an easy shopping experience.

2. Pick your subscription term 12-60 months (Businesses usually match their current office lease)

Furniture is priced clearly for any of our rental plans, or to buy. (The buy option is currently available). If you decide to subscribe, sign a 12-month to 60-month subscription.

3. Get your items delivered and assembled at no charge

No stress, no sweat! EZ Spaces takes care of it all, and always do their best to work with your schedule.

4. Experience furniture magic firsthand

Instantly transform any four walls into an office you love without lifting a finger.


Simple office furniture subscription rentals

EZ SPACES is currently available in the following markets (and growing):

Phoenix, AZ

Tucson, AZ

Las Vegas, NV

Bakersfield, CA

Fresno, CA

San Luis Obispo, CA

Santa Barbara/ Veentura, CA

San Diego, CA

Palms Springs, CA

Murrietta, CA

Why Rent vs Buy?

Renting your office furniture gives you flexibility and a stress-free way of changing your space, but sometimes people are looking for their long-term, “forever” furniture, which makes buying a great option. Regardless of whether you’re renting or buying office furniture, we’ll do all the heavy lifting to make sure it’s a seamless experience! Save valuable capital for hiring, marketing, and sales. Lease your furniture and buy your office space. Office space is an asset, furniture is not and depreciates.


Open Offices start at $118 per month

What should I expect?

When you sign and new office lease let EZ Spaces know. We can space plan, 3D renders, and give you a budget and install date. If you already have a space EZ Spaces can match the existing office lease and move your furniture in. When your office lease is done, EZ Spaces can take the furniture back at no extra cost. Then in your new space get new furniture.


Private Offices starting at $77 per Month

Is the office furniture used?

95% of items are brand new, but some have been gently used and refurbished. Gently used items are thoroughly sanitized, structurally sound, and fully functional. Leather may show natural wear, such as light fading or color variation. Similarly, wood and stone may have light scratches or small nicks. Fabric will be deep cleaned and free of rips and stains. Glass will look like new. All items undergo multiple quality checks to ensure they are in good condition for your office. EZ Spaces will match your brand and culture.


Conference Rooms start at $79 per Month

Does EZ Spaces work with CRE brokers, landlords, and property managers?

Yes, we have a great program for each. We have a referral network to help add value for CRE brokers, landlords, and property managers.


Lounge Furniture starts at $35 per Month

Where can we find more info on the EZ Spaces Program?

Visit the website here: