What Are The Types Of Conference Tables?

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Conference tables host important meetings between management, employees and clients. Read this guide about the different types of conference tables to decide which you need in your meeting space.

Most Popular Types Of Conference Tables

There are many conference table shapes and sizes, and the most common is a rectangle. A rectangle’s large surface area gives everyone enough room for laptops, notebooks and folders, and there’s ample legroom for maximum comfort. You can choose from many different types of conference tables with options for seating a small group or an entire department.


How To Arrange Conference Tables
You can set up your conference tables in your meeting room in different arrangements depending on what is required. Some options include:
Boardroom: The boardroom style is the standard conference layout. There is one rectangular table, with several chairs on the long sides and a chair at one of the short sides for the leader. The boardroom style is best for conference calls and agenda-style meetings.
U-Shape: The U-shape setup looks like a horseshoe, with at least three tables set end-to-end and chairs on the outside. The attendees can interact with the speaker and one another easily. U-shape style is an excellent choice for training and presentations.
Hollow square: The hollow square setup is the most interactive conference desk setup, with at least four tables forming a rectangle with open space in the middle. The speaker can stand in the middle to address everyone, and the participants can interact. This style is ideal for breakout meetings and workshops.
Classroom: In a classroom setup, multiple tables are placed in rows, with the chairs facing the speaker. Participants can watch the presentation while taking notes on the table surface.
Banquet: The banquet style features several smaller tables throughout the room to seat four to eight people at each. This setup promotes networking opportunities and is common for meetings serving lunch.
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