My Space Desk w/Acoustic Screens for 4 Persons

Original price was: $3,956.00.Current price is: $2,499.00.


  • Quick and easy connection of components
  • Certified sound absorption – class D
  • Desk width 55.1″


A workspace that helps you escape from the office noise We offer universal acoustic furniture for structuring office spaces. MY SPACE provides the user with creative freedom and serves two functions at a time: absorbing sound and designating work areas. Acoustic screens are filled with special acoustic sound-absorbing foam and can be upholstered with a fabric of your choice. Use a variety of color combinations not only to create separate spaces but also to arrange workstations in groups.
MY SPACE Desking option features an integrated desktop, whereas MY SPACE is free-standing screens that you can use for arranging desired compositions or combine them with our electric height adjustable or fixed height desks.

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